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 Bloomberg Essentials Online Training Program
offers streaming video cources on Bloomberg terminal


  • Library West, Third Floor. Ask at the Reference Desk for sign-up and logon.
  • Capital Markets Lab. Hough Hall (Business Graduate Students only)

Bloomberg Essentials was formerlly known as Bloomberg Certification

What Classes Are Required?

You must take a minimum of five sessions in order to receive a Bloomberg Acknowledgement of Completion (certificate); there are a total of 8 sessions.

Getting Started: Bloomberg 4 Core Videos - everyone must complete 4 videos first; they introduce basic Bloomberg functionality, such as the keyboard, navigating the site, and using the launchpad.

Market Sectors: Equity, Fixed Income, Commodities, Foreign Exchange (FX)
To receive a certificate you must take at kleast 1 Market Sector, along with the 4 Core videos, for a total of 5 minimum videos and exams. You can come back to take additional market sector sessions at any time.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Program?
Each video takes approximately 30-40 minutes; combined with completing the exam for each video, it takes about 1 hour per video: 4 Core Videos + One Market Sector = 5 hours.
Bloomberg does not require you to complete the training within any set time.


  1. Launch Bloomberg
  2. Press the Red CONN/DEFAULT key on the upper right on keyboard
  3. When the username/password option appears, you will see tp the right, in blue, a flashing message telling you how to set up your own username/password - by leaving the fields blank and hitting the <GO> key (Green Enter key)
  4. You will be prompted to enter your name and create a username/password. Bloomberg must validate you before you can proceed. Choose how you want to receive your validation code: SMS Text Message is the preferred option. You can also select your mobile phone.
  5. Once you receive your validation code, enter it into Bloomberg; once it is successfully received, you will be prompted to complete a few additional informational questions.
  6. Each time you use Bloomberg to take a session, you will need to login using your personal username/password;


  1. Type: BESS <GO> in the upper left corner. This takes yopu to the online training program screen.
  2. Begin with 2) "Getting Started" - to complete the 4 Core Videos.


  1. Enter BESS <GO>; then select 6 <GO>
  2. You must make 75% or greater on each exam to pass.

    Note: You are not allowed to re-take any exams.

    Tip: take advantage of the double screens to look up answers to the exam questions while taking the exam. It is highly recommended that you take the exam immediately after completing watching the video rather than waiting.


  1. BESS <GO>; the select 6 <GO>. Your certificate will be emailed to you in PDF format; no paper pr hard copies are mailed.


  1. HELP HELP - click the green HELP key twice (upper left, keyboard) and chat live with Bloomberg Support.

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