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WRDS Wharton Research Data Services


UF Faculty and PhD students may request an account on WRDS 

  1. Go to WRDS:
  2. Select "Register for a WRDS Account"
  3. Select Institution"University of Florida"
  4. Select the appropriate "account type"
  5. Fill out and submit the form. It will be sent to UF's local administrator.
  6. WCB confirms that the user has valid access per our contracts with the WRDS database and vendors.
  7. There is an additional form that must be completed and signed covering required appropriate usage of the databases per vendor legal contracts.  These are essential given our contractual requirements.
  8. You will receive an email with login instructions after your request is approved, usually within 3 business days.

    Business undergrads and graduate students can create personal accounts on these financial services databases

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