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Online Books

  • Supply Chain Management Best Practice (Books24x7)
    By David Blanchsrd. Wiley, 2007 (320 p)
    Identifying the best supply chain practices throughout a number of industries, this straightforward book reveals how these companies used proven strategies and performance metrics to design extended enterprises and become world-class in their fields.
  • Successful Strategies in Supply Chain Management (Books24x7)
    By Chin Kin Chan and H.W.J. Lee (eds)
    IGI Publishing, 2006 (274 pages)
    From acquiring resources to distribution outlets, this thorough book touches on all phases of the supply chain, giving readers the assets they need to obtain that important competitive advantage
  • Global Logistics: New Directions in Supply Chain Management, 5th ed. (Books24x7)
    By Donald Waters (ed)
    Representing the current trends, best practice and latest thinking on global logistics, this text serves as a forum allowing the contributors to discuss key logistics issues and give their authoritative views.

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