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  • Mintel Oxygen     
    Covers a wide range of sectors and topical marketing issues. Divided between UK-specific, European and USA reports, Mintel reports analyze market sizes and trends, market segmentation, and consumer attitudes and purchasing habits, and future prospects.

See the Following Two Report in Mintel Oxygen:

Green Living - US - January 2009

  • (Note: New report scheduled for publication in February 2010)

    For the past three years, the "green" marketplace has been one of the fastest growing, most dynamic sectors of the U.S. economy. In this report, Mintel examines the size, scope, and growth of the "green" consumer marketplace, the driving forces that will shape its future - with an eye toward expected changes sector by sector -, as well as the short-term and long-term outlooks for the market as a whole. 
  • The surge in environmental awareness that began in 2005 has transformed from a popular cultural trend into a major force for change in a range of markets 
  • Mintel analyzes the impacts that the economic downturn and other key drivers, such as potential climate change regulation, may have on the green marketplace 
  • Mintel explores the current trends and future outlook for eight key sectors of the "green" consumer marketplace, including personal care products, home building and home improvement supplies, electronics and appliances, automobiles, and consumer services
  • This report explores the special role of key demographic groups, such as Asians and young Hispanics, in adoption of new "green" product categories
Online Shopping - US - May 2009

Addressing visual challengeTotal sales generated by e-commerce have grown explosively over the last five years. Though economic growth has been flattened by the recession, online retail still shows more signs of life during recession than consumer retail as a whole. In this report, Mintel examines the value propositions that compel consumers to increasingly adopt online purchasing:
What makes category leaders successful
Which online retail segments are growing the fastest
How do web-only retailers compare with branded chain retailers online
How advertising of retailing sites has evolved

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