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New York Times Stock Tables. May 11, 2004


Del Monte

More Resources

Use the following sources to locate, customize a date range, and download historical stock prices:

  1. Enter ticker symbol for desired company
  2. Clink on Historical Prices link
  3. Daily stock prices available from 1/2/1962 - present
  4. Data points: Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume Adjusted Close
  5. Click on the Download to Spreadsheet link at the bottom of your returned results to export data into Excel

Powerful resource for comparing a company's stock performance against its peers and/or market indexes

  1. Enter ticker symbol for desired company
  2. Click Prices tab > Price Chart > Interactive Chart
  3. Expand Compare To box
    • To compare to other companies, type tickers separated by comma
    • Defaults to compare your company to the Related Industry Index but you can also customized this
  4. Click Draw to update graph
  5. Data points: Data, Close, Volume
  6. Click Excel icon on upper right frame to download into Excel
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