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The Impacts of the Affordable Care Act: How Reasonable Are the Projections?

J Gruber - 2011
... Health Reform on Employer-Sponsored Insurance Premiums.” Forum for Health Economics and
Policy 13 (2), Article 5. Congressional Budget Office, 2009. “An Analysis of Health Insurance
Premiums Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” Letter to the ... 

Projecting the impact of the Affordable Care Act on California

P Long… - Health Affairs, 2011
... level closely mirror the conclusions of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) in its assessment
of the impact of the Affordable Care Act. ... This approach uses the best evidence available in the
health economics literature to model how individuals will respond to changes in the ... 

[PDF] Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010: Reforming the Health Care Reform for the New Decade

WV Huntington, P Center, LA Covington, PP Center… - Pain Physician, 2011
... Key words: Affordable Care Act, health care costs, health care regulation, health care reform,
Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute, health exchanges, health care subsidies,
health insurance premiums, uninsured, Medicare, cost control ... 

Launching accountable care organizations—the proposed rule for the Medicare shared savings program

DM Berwick - New England Journal of Medicine, 2011
... References. 1. HR 3590, 111th Cong.: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
(2009). ( 2. Devore S ,
Champion RW . Driving population health through accountable care organizations. ... 

[PDF] The Impact of the Coverage-Related Provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Insurance Coverage and State Health Care Expenditures in …

D Auerbach, S Nowak, JS Ringel, F Girosi… - 2011
Page 1. Executive Summary The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)
contains substantial new requirements aimed at increasing rates of health insurance
coverage. These include a mandatory expansion of Medicaid ... 

[PDF] Jonas and Kovner's health care delivery in the United States

AR Kovner, JR Knickman… - 2011
... The recent national debates that led to the 2010 health care reform legislation, the Patient
Protection and Affordable Care Act, provided disturbing ... Bloomberg School of Public Health in
the Health Policy and Management Department with a concentra- tion in Health Economics. ... 

Potential Enhancements to Data on Health Insurance, Health Services, and Medicare in the Healthand Retirement Study

JZ Ayanian, E Meara… - Forum for Health Economics & Policy, 2011
... 8 Forum for Health Economics & Policy, Vol. ... We identified a number of policy issues related to
health reform for which new items could be added to the HRS in 2012 to facilitate assessments
of the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 ... 

[PDF] Health Insurance, Risk, and Responsibility after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

T Baker - 2011
... the event of total disability. The Affordable Care Act embodies a social contract of healthcare
solidarity through private ownership, markets, choice, and individual responsibility. ... healthy as
you can. This new responsibility reflects the influence of health economics and health ... 

Still Unfair to the Working Class: Health Care Under the Affordable Care Act

CC Havighurst - 2011
... be unfair to lower-income insureds if they get less out of their health plan than ... 11 Some defenders
of the Affordable Care Act claim to find support for its constitutionality in the ... by many of the
legislation's features, there is no precedent for invoking welfare economics to invalidate ... 

[PDF] Oregon Law Review: Vol. 89, No. 3, p. 785-810: The Affordable Care Act and Competition Policy: Antidote or Placebo?

TL Greaney - 2011
... See Henry J. Aaron, To Find the Answer, One Must Know the Question: Health Economics and
Public Policy, in INCENTIVES AND CHOICE IN HEALTH CARE 21, 30 (Frank A. Sloan Page
9. GREANEY 4/5/2011 3:15 PM 2011] The Affordable Care Act and Competition Policy ... 

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