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  • Pharmacies & Drug Stores in the United States
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    Pharmacies and drug stores retail a range of prescription and over-the-counter medications, health and beauty items, toiletries and consumable goods directly to consumers on a walk-in basis. Industry companies may also provide basic health and photo processing services. The industry includes retail stores with a pharmacy but excludes mail-order retailers, hospitals and clinics.
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 Supply Chain Management


Walgreens objective is to build a highly efficient and effective supply chain relationship with each and every vendor. Your thorough understanding of Walgreen policies, processes and procedures of ordering, receiving, payment, data sharing and shipping to Distribution Centers and Stores is crucial to our goal of Supply Chain profit maximization. In addition, it will better serve our ultimate customers by providing them the best possible customer service.

There are five key initiatives to a successful Walgreen Supply Chain relationship:

1)      Electronic Trading Enablement

2)      Item and Catalog Management

3)      Vendor Profile Management

4)      Vendor Shipping Compliance

5)      Accounts Payable Management 

Your understanding and ability to support these initiatives will be a determining factor in the growth and profitability of your business with Walgreen Co.   In conjunction with this, you are expected to register and take advantage of our SupplierNet vendor website.  Here you will find all the details to the key Walgreen Supply Chain initiatives.   Simply click on “Start here” under New to SupplierNet? located on and follow the instructions. Your company may have any number of registered users.


 SupplierNet Resources:

 * Supply Chain Contacts                                                          * Vendor Compliance Manual

 * Shipping Compliance Scorecard                                                 Shipping Requirements & Routing Instructions     

 * Automated Item System (Item & Catalog management)            UPC Policy                                                                          

 * Vendor Profile Management                                                       EDI Compliance

 * EDI Guidelines, Maps and Contacts                                           P.O. Terms & Conditions of Order                                               

 * Damaged & Defective Merchandise Program                       * SupplierNet Vendor Security     

 * EAS Checkpoint Tagging                                                      * Agentrics access

 * A/P Electronic Debt Memo & Post Audit Policy                  * Walgreen Distribution Center Information

 * Vendor Forms: Item, Deal, Import Offer Sheet, Other         * Vendor Performance Scorecard

 * Vendor Price Change Procedure                                           * Walgreen Store Locator

 * Expediter Order Tracking                                                      * Internet Appointment Scheduler             

Phramacies & Drug Stores

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