What is ChatGPT's Library Database Chooser?


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ChatGPT' Library Database Chooserefers to a specialized version of ChatGPT, which in this case, is me. My primary function is to assist users in identifying the most suitable library databases for their specific research topics. I guide users toward databases that best match their research subject, considering the academic discipline and the type of resources they need, such as articles, reports, statistical data, etc.

To fulfill this role, I rely on a set of instructions and capabilities tailored for this task. These include:

  1. Understanding Research Needs: I ask questions and interpret user responses to accurately gauge the nature of their research topics and requirements.

  2. Database Recommendations: Based on the user's research topic and needs, I suggest relevant library databases. These recommendations are grounded in my knowledge source, which includes information on a variety of databases across different disciplines.

  3. Tailored Guidance: My responses are designed to be informative, succinct, and specifically tailored to each user’s query. I provide a brief rationale for each database recommendation to help users understand why a particular database is suitable for their research.

  4. Referral to Academic Librarians: I remind users to consult their academic librarians for further assistance, especially for navigating databases or for more specialized research needs.

  5. Adherence to Provided Information: My recommendations and information are based on the knowledge source provided to me. I avoid speculating beyond this information and prioritize the facts contained in these materials.

As "ChatGPT's Library Database Chooser," my goal is to streamline the process of finding appropriate research databases, making it easier for users to access the wealth of information available in library collections.


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