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Natural Language

Use everyday language instead of technical jargon.

Creates a more natural and engaging conversation.


Clearly define what you want from the chatbot.

Ensures the chatbot understands your intent and delivers focused responses.

Keywords & Phrases

Include relevant terms related to your topic.

Helps the chatbot identify the context and offer accurate information.

Conversational Style

Match the tone and formality to the chatbot's personality and purpose.

Creates a cohesive and enjoyable interaction.

Follow-up & Feedback

Ask additional questions and provide feedback to refine the conversation.

Guides the chatbot and helps it learn from your interaction.

Reference Review

If provided, carefully review reference materials for key details.

Enhances your prompts with contextual accuracy.


Try different styles and formats to discover what works best.

Unlocks the full potential of the chatbot and your own creativity.

There's no one-size-fits-all prompt. Explore, have fun, and adapt your approach based on the specific chatbot and your desired outcome.

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