How should I search the academic literature on investment mistakes?


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Here are five essential steps to conduct a thorough literature search:

  1. Background Reading and Preparation:
  • Begin by reading textbooks, subject encyclopedias, and relevant materials to understand the context of your topic.
  • Ask questions like:
  • What led to choosing this topic for your research project?
  • Are there seminal books or journal articles related to the topic?
  • Is the subject currently discussed in the media?
  • Do you have personal knowledge or experience with the topic?
  • Identify a small amount of reading material to give you an overview of the subject.
  1. Working with Your Title - Identifying Search Terms:
  • Define key terminology associated with your topic. Consider:
  • Important authors
  • Theories or concepts
  • Key research reports or legislation
  • Major genres or movements
  • Use the draft title of your research to identify these terms.
  1. Identifying the Resources to Search:
  • Determine the sources you’ll explore. While books and journals are common, consider other valuable sources such as newspaper archives, images, primary data, and conference proceedings.
  • Tailor your search based on the topic and available resources.
  1. Searching - Using Search Techniques:
  • Utilize effective search techniques:
  • Use relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Combine search terms using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT).
  • Explore academic databases, library catalogs, and specialized repositories.
  • Refine your search based on initial results.
  • Keep track of the databases and search engines you use.
  1. Collating Your Results:
  • Organize the relevant literature you find:
  • Create a bibliography or reference list.
  • Summarize key findings and insights.
  • Note any gaps or areas for further exploration.
  • Consider using reference management tools to organize citations.

Remember that a well-executed literature search is crucial for informed decision-making and successful research. Happy searching! 📚🔍

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