What is the difference between keyword searching in Bing and Google, and conversational natural language searching in Bing Chat and Bard?


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The main difference between keyword searching in Bing and Google and conversational natural language searching in Bing Chat and Bard is the way the search queries are formulated. Keyword searching involves typing in a few words or phrases that are relevant to the topic you are searching for. The search engine then returns a list of web pages that contain those keywords. On the other hand, conversational natural language searching involves asking a question or making a statement in a way that you would normally speak to another person. The search engine then uses natural language processing to understand the meaning behind your query and returns a response that is more conversational in nature.

According to a recent article by TechRepublic, formulating a conversational query with a computer-generated artificial intelligence requires a completely different philosophical approach than the keyword searches. A successful natural language query requires syntax and specifics that keyword searches could forego1.

Bing Chat and Google Bard are two examples of conversational natural language search engines. While they share some capabilities, each has its strengths and limitations, depending on factors such as the company behind it, its training data, and underlying technologies. Looking at the key similarities and differences will help you understand which tool fits your needs and use case2.

  • Last Updated Dec 20, 2023
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