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Write, Edit, and Summarize Text in Word

CoPilot assists with writing, editing, and summarizing text within Microsoft Word.

When composing a lengthy report, you can ask CoPilot to summarize key points for you.

Create PowerPoint Presentations Using Natural Language Commands

CoPilot helps create PowerPoint presentations by understanding natural language commands.

You can say, “Create a new slide with a title ‘Sales Performance’ and add a chart showing quarterly revenue.”

Find Insights, Analyze Trends, and Create Data Visualizations in Excel

CoPilot aids in data analysis within Microsoft Excel.

Ask CoPilot to identify trends in a large dataset and create a visual representation, such as a line graph.

Manage Inbox Overload in Outlook

CoPilot assists in organizing and managing emails in Outlook.

You can instruct CoPilot to categorize emails, set reminders, or create rules for specific senders.

Generate Real-Time Summaries and Create Actionable Tasks During and After Teams Meetings

CoPilot provides meeting summaries and action items during Microsoft Teams meetings.

After a project discussion, CoPilot can create a task list based on meeting outcomes.

Remember that CoPilot is continually evolving, so its capabilities may expand over time. Feel free to explore and experiment with CoPilot to discover more ways it can enhance your productivity! 🚀

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