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Conversation style

Choose between Creative, Precise, and Balanced styles to customize how Bing Chat interacts with you.

Search and answer

Ask any question and get relevant and accurate answers from the web or Bing Chat’s own knowledge.


Ask Bing Chat to summarize any text or web page in a concise and coherent way. Specify the length and style of the summary.


Ask Bing Chat to compare products, services, places, people, and more. Get a table or a list that highlights the similarities and differences.


Ask Bing Chat to generate text and images for various purposes. Write poems, stories, code, essays, songs, celebrity parodies, and more. Create graphical artworks based on your prompts or modify existing images.


Ask Bing Chat to reformat text or images according to your preferences. Change the font, size, color, or style of the text, or crop, resize, rotate, or filter the images.

Page context

Ask Bing Chat to perform searches and answers in relation to the page you’re viewing in Microsoft Edge. Get relevant and helpful suggestions based on the information on the page.

Chat history

Access your previous conversations with Bing Chat and review the content you have created or searched. Export and share your chats with others. Resume or revisit your chats anytime.

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