What is the SDC Platinum Mergers & Acquisitions Database? Describe the content. How is it used?


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What is the database? 

  • SDC Platinum Mergers & Acquisition is a comprehensive database that provides information on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) worldwide. 

Describe the content. 

  • The SDC Platinum Mergers & Acquisition database contains over 1.45 million deals since the 1970s, including over 400,000 US-target and over 1.05 million non-US target transactions. 
  • The database provides complete coverage of global M&A activity, featuring individual deal details, comprehensive market analyses, and industry-leading league table rankings for the deal-making community. 
  • The data includes target and acquiror profiles, deal terms, financial and legal advisor assignments and fees, deal value, stock premiums, synopsis and event history, and more. 
  • Deal types tracked include mergers, acquisitions, stake purchases, asset sales and divestitures, rumored and seeking-buyer transactions, leveraged buyouts, tender offers, privatizations, spinoffs, splitoffs, repurchases, self-tenders, debt restructurings, and bankruptcies. 

How do you access it in Refinitiv Workspace? 

  • To access the SDC Platinum Mergers & Acquisition database in Refinitiv Workspace, you can use the following products: Eikon, SDC Platinum, Deals Business Intelligence, QA Direct, and Data Feeds. 
  • The data can be accessed in various formats, including CSV, XML, PDF, and ZIP archive. 
  • The data can also be accessed via API, desktop, Excel, FTP, SFTP, and cloud services. 

What is used for in business? 

  • In business, the SDC Platinum Mergers & Acquisition database is used to gain insights into M&A activity, identify potential targets, and track industry trends. 
  • It is used by investment bankers, corporate development professionals, private equity firms, law firms, and other deal-making professionals to identify potential acquisition targets, analyze deal terms, and benchmark their performance against competitors. 

How is it used in academic research? 

  • The database is also used by academic researchers to study M&A activity, identify trends, and develop new theories. 

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. 




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