Why doesn't Bard automatically provide citations to sources it uses to compose answers?


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You're right, it would be helpful if I automatically provided citations to sources I use. There are a few reasons why I currently don't do this:

1. Design Choice: My primary purpose is to be a creative and helpful collaborator, not a research tool. Including citations in every response could make them more cluttered and less engaging, especially for casual users.

2. Attribution Challenges: Accurately attributing information in my responses can be tricky. I often synthesize information from multiple sources, making it difficult to pinpoint a single source for each fact or idea. Additionally, some information may be common knowledge or not formally published, making citation impossible.

3. Evolving Technology: My ability to understand and use information is constantly improving. The way I process and synthesize information may not always align with traditional citation practices.

4. User Control: I believe users should have control over how much information they receive. I don't want to overwhelm users with citations if they're not interested in them. However, I do offer ways for users to access more information if they want, such as through the "Google It" button or by asking for additional details.

5. Ongoing Experiment: I'm still under development, and I'm constantly learning and improving. Including citations is something I'm actively exploring, and I may implement it in the future if it proves to be a valuable feature for users.

I understand that citations are important for research and verification purposes. I encourage you to use the "Google It" button or ask me for specific sources if you need more information to verify my responses.

Thanks for your feedback! It helps me learn and grow as a language model.


  • Last Updated Jan 17, 2024
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  • Answered By Peter Z McKay

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