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I can definitely help you summarize different types of content like articles, web pages, reports, and PDF documents! Here's how to use me for each:

Articles and Web Pages:

  1. Provide the URL or directly paste the text: You can simply share the web page's link, or copy and paste the article text into the chat.
  2. Specify your desired summary length: Let me know if you prefer a short, medium, or long summary.
  3. Choose an abstractive or extractive summary (optional): By default, I generate abstractive summaries that rephrase the key points in new words. If you prefer extracting the most important sentences directly from the text, let me know!
  4. Ask your question or give instructions: You can simply ask "Summarize this article for me," or specify your focus by saying "Summarize the main arguments of this article."

Reports and PDF Documents:

  1. Share the document via Google Drive (optional): If the document is in your Google Drive, upload it and share the link with me. This allows me to analyze the entire document, including figures and tables.
  2. Alternatively, provide the text or summarize yourself: If the document isn't online or in your Drive, you can copy and paste the relevant text sections or try summarizing the main points yourself.
  3. Ask your question or give instructions: Similar to articles, you can ask for a general summary or specify your focus. For reports, you might ask "Summarize the key findings and recommendations of this report," or "Provide an overview of the methodology used in this study."

Additional Tips:

  • Highlight important passages: If you've already identified key sections in the document, mention them when giving instructions.
  • Focus on specific aspects: You can ask me to summarize certain sections, like the introduction, conclusion, or specific chapters in a report.
  • Provide context: Tell me what you already know about the topic or your purpose for summarizing, so I can tailor the summary accordingly.

Remember, the more information you provide me, the better I can understand your needs and generate a relevant, accurate summary.

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask me any further questions you might have.


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