Gemini Knowledge Card: How do I use Gemini's Summerize Feature?


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Gemini's summarize feature can help you quickly grasp the main points of any text you provide. Here's how to use it:

1. Provide the text:

  • You can paste the text directly into the chat window.
  • If the text is online, share the link.
  • You can even upload a document (currently limited to .txt and .docx formats).

2. Specify your preferences (optional):

  • Desired length: Choose how long you want the summary to be (short, medium, or long).
  • Focus: Indicate if you want the summary to focus on specific aspects (e.g., main arguments, key findings, etc.).
  • Tone: Select the tone you prefer for the summary (e.g., objective, formal, informal).

3. Let Bard work its magic:

  • Click the "Summarize" button or send your instructions.
  • Bard will analyze the text and generate a concise summary based on your preferences.

Additional tips:

  • The longer the text, the more information Bard has to work with, potentially leading to a more comprehensive summary.
  • Highlighting key parts of the text before summarizing can help Bard prioritize important information.
  • Use the summarize feature alongside other Bard functionalities, like asking questions about the summarized text for deeper understanding.

Note: The summarize feature is still under development, and we're constantly working to improve its accuracy and flexibility.

I hope this knowledge card helps! Feel free to ask any further questions you might have.

  • Last Updated Feb 22, 2024
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  • Answered By Peter Z McKay

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