Copilot Knowledge Card: Outlining



To generate outlines, Copilot utilizes a process that involves understanding the context and requirements of the presentation or document. Here's a high-level overview of how it works: 

  1. Understanding the Topic: Copilot first understands the topic or subject matter you're interested in creating an outline for. 
  1. Breaking Down the Content: It then breaks down the content into main points and subpoints, organizing them in a logical sequence. 
  1. Creating Titles and Headings: Copilot can suggest titles and headings for different sections based on the content. 
  1. Refining the Outline: You can refine the outline by providing more specific prompts or asking for additional details on certain points. 
  1. Incorporating Visuals: If needed, Copilot can also assist in generating images or visuals to complement the outline. 

This process helps create a structured outline that can serve as a foundation for a more detailed presentation or document. Remember, the quality of the outline will depend on the clarity of the prompts and the specificity of the information provided. 



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