Copilot Knowledge Card: Brainstorming


How does Copilot brainstorm?

As Copilot, I use a variety of brainstorming techniques to help generate ideas and solutions. Here are some methods I employ:

  1. Mind Mapping: Creating a visual representation of ideas around a central concept to explore different avenues and connections.
  2. Listing: Writing down all ideas that come to mind without judgment to capture a wide range of possibilities.
  3. Questioning: Asking open-ended questions to explore different aspects of the topic and uncover new angles.
  4. SCAMPER: Applying the SCAMPER technique which stands for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate, and Reverse, to think creatively about modifying existing ideas to create new ones.
  5. Role Storming: Imagining how someone else might approach the problem or idea, which can provide fresh perspectives.
  6. Starbursting: Focusing on the who, what, where, when, why, and how of an idea to expand thinking in multiple directions.
  7. SWOT Analysis: Assessing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats related to an idea to evaluate its feasibility and potential impact.
  8. Reverse Thinking: Starting with the desired outcome and working backward to determine the steps needed to achieve it.
  9. Gap Filling: Identifying the gap between the current situation and the desired goal, then brainstorming ways to bridge that gap.

These techniques help me facilitate a structured brainstorming process, encouraging expansive thinking and creative problem-solving. If you have a specific topic or challenge in mind, I can apply these techniques to help you generate a diverse set of ideas and solutions. Let's get started! 🚀

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