Copilot Knowledge Card: Poetry, Plays, and Movie Scripts


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Copilot Knowledge Card: Poetry, Plays, and Movie Scripts

Here are examples for each category: 


In twilight's gentle sighs, 

A whispering breeze doth rise, 

Where dreams in slumber lie, 

Beneath the starlit skies. 

Play (One-Act Play Excerpt): 

[Scene: A dimly lit, cozy room. A clock ticks softly.] 


CHARLOTTE: (sighs) Another evening alone with my thoughts. 

OLIVER: (enters) Not alone, my dear. The night is a friend to those who seek solace in silence. 

CHARLOTTE: And what of those who seek solace in company? 

OLIVER: Then let the night be our chaperone, as we dance away the solitude. 


[They share a quiet moment, the tension palpable.] 


Movie Script (Scene Description): 



A lone desk lamp casts a pool of light on DETECTIVE RAY's haggard face. Papers and photographs are strewn about, each a silent testament to the unsolved mysteries that haunt him. The rhythmic tapping of rain against the window is the only sound, a metronome to his racing thoughts. 




They say every detective has that one case, the one that gets under your skin... 


He picks up a photo, studying it as if willing it to surrender its secrets. 



I hope you enjoyed these snippets! If you'd like to expand on any of these or have a different request, feel free to let me know. 📝✨ 


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