Glossary pf Generative AI Terms


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Glossary of Generative AI Terms

  • Generative AI: A broad category of artificial intelligence models that generate new content. It covers the creation of text, images, code, music, 3D models, and more. Generative AI does this by learning patterns from massive amounts of existing data.
  • GenAI: A shortened version of the term "Generative AI."
  • AI Chat: Refers to the act of conversing with an artificial intelligence model. The model can be designed for general conversation or specialized for specific topics.
  • AI Chatbot: A software application specifically designed to simulate conversation with a human user via text or voice. Chatbots are often used for customer service, FAQ responses, or simpler interactions.
  • Chatbots: The plural form of "AI Chatbot."
  • Generative AI Assistant: An AI tool or application powered by generative AI models. These assistants can perform a wide range of tasks including writing, creating images, coding, providing summaries, and more.


  • AI Writing Assistant: A generative AI tool focused on text generation tasks. These can involve writing various content formats (emails, articles, marketing copy), translating languages, summarizing information, and improving grammar.
  • AI Companion: An artificial intelligence system designed to offer ongoing interaction, learning a user's preferences, providing support, and potentially even simulating emotional connection.
  • AI Meeting Assistant: A specialized generative AI tool designed to improve meetings. Features might include transcribing meetings, generating summaries, highlighting action items, tracking decisions, and analyzing meeting sentiment.
  • AI Assistant: A broad term describing any AI system that assists with tasks. An AI assistant might be a simple chatbot or a complex generative tool with many capabilities.

Important Note: The field of AI is rapidly changing. These terms might evolve, or new ones might emerge, as the capabilities and uses of generative AI continue to grow.


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