Gemini Knowledge Card: Brainstorming


Gemini Knowledge Card: Brainstorming

Here's how Gemini, as a large language model (LLM), approaches brainstorming. It's important to understand that it doesn't think in the same way a human does, but here's the breakdown:

1. Understanding the Goal:

  • Provide Context: Gemini needs a clear problem or topic to focus on. The more specific your input, the better its output will be.
  • Keywords: It analyzes keywords within your query to understand the core concepts of your brainstorming session.

2. Accessing Knowledge:

  • Vast Database: Gemini draws upon its massive dataset of text and code, trained on a huge amount of information. This is essential for idea generation.
  • Real-time Info: Gemini can access up-to-date information through Google Search, ensuring its ideas are relevant and grounded in current knowledge.

3. Generating Ideas:

Gemini uses several techniques, including:

  • Associations: It finds connections between concepts in your query, branching out to find related topics and ideas.
  • Analogies: Gemini looks for patterns and similarities in different areas, offering fresh perspectives.
  • Reformulation: It rephrases the problem, providing different angles to stimulate new thinking.
  • Challenging Assumptions: Gemini can suggest ideas that go against the grain to break free from conventional solutions.
  • Variety: It aims to produce a diverse set of ideas, from practical to highly creative.

4. Refining Ideas (with your help):

Gemini doesn't brainstorm alone! Here's where your collaboration is key:

  • Feedback: Rate ideas, provide additional context, and ask for variations. This guides Gemini to refine its output further.
  • Iteration: Each brainstorming round helps Gemini learn more about what you're looking for, making suggestions more targeted over time.


Let's say your query is "Brainstorm marketing ideas for a new plant-based protein bar."

Gemini might provide ideas like:

  • Theme focus: Health, sustainability, unique flavors.
  • Partnerships: Collaborate with fitness influencers, vegan restaurants.
  • Content: Recipes, challenges, science-backed benefits
  • Unconventional: Guerilla marketing with pop-up plant gyms, compostable packaging that sprouts seeds.


  • Bias: LLMs can reflect biases within their training data. Be mindful of this and strive for balanced output.
  • Originality: Gemini heavily relies on existing information. True originality comes from the human-AI collaboration.

Let me know if you'd like to brainstorm something together!


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