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Copilot Knowledge Card: Copilot v Bing Search


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Bing Search

Interaction Style

Chat-based: Engages in a conversational manner.

Keyword-based: Requires specific keywords and browsing through results.


Understands intent and context effectively.

Limited context understanding: Best with specific queries.


Ongoing conversation: Builds on previous questions.

Disjointed interactions: New searches for follow-ups.


Provides concise answers and summaries.

Users interpret information from search results.

Response Time

Slightly slower due to AI processing.

Faster results: Directly displays search results.


High accuracy: Selects information based on context.

Varies: Depends on the relevance of search results.

Content Generation

Generates summaries, answers, and creative content.

Displays existing web content.

User Experience

Engaging and interactive: Like chatting with a friend.

More transactional: Users browse independently.

Search Intent

Handles complex and nuanced questions.

Best with straightforward, precise keywords.

Learning Curve

Minimal: Intuitive for users familiar with chatting.

Steeper: Effective use of keywords and filters needed.


Integrated into Microsoft products.

Standalone: Used as a separate search engine.

AI Capabilities

Advanced AI: Utilizes GPT-4 for conversational understanding.

Basic AI: Uses algorithms for sorting results.


Personalized responses: Tailors answers based on interactions.

Less personalized: Results not influenced by past interactions.

Information Source

Cites sources: Provides references for further research.

Direct links: Users visit source websites.


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