Copilot Knowledge Card: Caveats for Librarians


  1. Source Evaluation and Credibility:

    • Critical Thinking: Encourage students to critically evaluate the information generated by AI. Remind them that not all content is equally reliable.
    • Check Sources: AI-generated responses might cite sources that are outdated, biased, or unreliable. Librarians should guide students on how to verify the credibility of these sources.
  2. Originality and Plagiarism:

    • Avoid Copy-Paste: AI-generated content can inadvertently lead to plagiarism. Librarians should emphasize the importance of original work and proper citation.
    • Teach Paraphrasing: Show students how to rephrase AI-generated content in their own words while maintaining accuracy.
  3. Understanding the Assignment:

    • Context Matters: AI tools lack contextual understanding. Librarians should ensure that students provide clear assignment instructions to avoid irrelevant or off-topic responses.
    • Customization: Encourage students to customize AI-generated content to fit the specific requirements of their assignments.
  4. Privacy and Data Security:

    • User Data: Be cautious about sharing sensitive student data with AI tools. Ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
    • Data Retention: Understand how AI platforms handle data retention and deletion.
  5. Limitations of AI:

    • No Creativity: AI lacks creativity and intuition. It cannot replace human insights or original thought.
    • Inaccuracies: AI may provide incorrect information. Librarians should verify facts independently.
  6. Ethical Considerations:

    • Bias: AI models can inherit biases from training data. Be aware of potential bias in AI-generated content.
    • Sensitive Topics: Avoid using AI for sensitive or controversial topics where human judgment is crucial.
  7. Educate Students:

    • Transparency: Explain to students that they are interacting with AI. Encourage them to learn about AI’s capabilities and limitations.
    • Teach AI Literacy: Help students develop AI literacy skills to navigate and critically assess AI-generated content.

Remember, while AI can be a valuable tool, it should complement—not replace—human expertise. Librarians play a vital role in guiding students toward reliable, ethical, and well-researched information. 😊

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