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  1. Ljungqvist, A. (2024). The economics of private equity: A critical review. SSRN.  [3]
    • This comprehensive review critically synthesizes insights from academic literature on private equity, focusing on its performance as an asset class and its track record of value creation.
  2. Cole, S., Melecky, M., Mölders, F., & Reed, T. (2020). Long-Run Returns to Impact Investing in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies. McKinsey & Company Insights on Private Capital.  [2]
    • The study examines equity investments made by the International Finance Corporation, showing that their portfolio has outperformed the S&P 500 by 15 percent.
  3. Gompers, P. A., Kaplan, S. N., & Mukharlyamov, V. (2020). Private Equity and COVID-19. McKinsey & Company Insights on Private Capital.  [2]
    • Despite the pandemic, private equity investors prioritize revenue growth for value creation, give larger equity stakes to management teams, and target somewhat lower returns.
  4. Ballou, B. (2023). Plunder: Private Equity’s Plan To Pillage America. Forbes.  [1]
    • Ballou criticizes private equity practices, highlighting both positive and negative impacts, especially concerning businesses and communities.
  5. Warren, E. (2019). Do Private Equity Buyouts Get a Bad Rap? Harvard Business School Working Knowledge.  [1]
    • Senator Elizabeth Warren's perspective on private equity buyouts, emphasizing both positive and negative aspects.
  6. Reynolds, P. (2020). The Color of Private Equity: Quantifying the Bias Black Investors Face. Harvard Business School Working Knowledge.  [1]
    • This research discusses prejudice in private equity and the challenges faced by Black and Hispanic investors.
  7. Davis, S. J., Haltiwanger, J., Handley, K., Lipsius, B., Lerner, J., & Miranda, J. (2019). The Economic Effects of Private Equity Buyouts. Harvard Business School Working Knowledge.  [1]
    • The study analyzes the real side effects of buyouts on target firms and their workers, varying by deal type and market conditions.
  8. McKinsey Global Private Markets Review 2024. (2024). McKinsey & Company Insights on Private Capital.  [2]
    • A comprehensive report on private markets, discussing macroeconomic challenges and their impact on fundraising, deal activity, and performance.
  9. Gompers, P. (2022). The Best Person to Lead Your Company Doesn't Work There—Yet. Harvard Business School Working Knowledge.  [1]
    • Research on recruiting new executive talent to revive portfolio companies and how it helps private equity funds outperform stock indexes.
  10. McKinsey Insights on Real Estate Investment. (2024). McKinsey & Company Insights on Private Capital.  [2]
    • Discusses the edge of tech-enabled brand, customer experience, and loyalty in real estate investment.

Remember to format these references according to APA guidelines when citing them in your essay. If you need further assistance or additional sources, feel free to ask!

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  3. Private Equity: Articles, Research, & Case Studies on Private Equity ...
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