Copilot Knowledge Card: OneNote



Copilot Knowledge Card: OneNote 

Copilot in OneNote is a powerful feature that enhances your notetaking experience by leveraging large language models (LLMs) to generate relevant and useful content based on your prompts and context. Here's how you can use Copilot in OneNote: 

  1. Understanding Your Notes
  • Summarize: Copilot can create summaries of your existing notes. To do this, select the note you want to summarize and prompt Copilot with "Rewrite this note." 
  • To-Do Lists: You can ask Copilot to generate to-do lists based on your notes. 
  • Pros and Cons: Copilot can list pros and cons related to your notes. 
  • Rewrite: If you need better clarity or purpose, Copilot can rewrite your notes for you [3]. 
  1. Creating New Content
  • Ideas: When you're stuck on a blank page, Copilot can help you brainstorm ideas and overcome writer's block. 
  • Drafting Plans: Use Copilot to create event plans, presentation ideas, or any other content you need. 
  • Open Chat: You can openly chat with Copilot to receive intelligent responses and unlock endless ideas [1]. 
  1. Accessing Copilot in OneNote
  • Open OneNote for Microsoft 365 on Windows. 
  • Go to the Home tab of the ribbon. 
  • Click on Copilot to access the Copilot pane on the right side of OneNote [1]. 

Remember that Copilot features are available to customers with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license or Copilot Pro license. Enjoy supercharged notetaking with Copilot! 😊🚀 [1] [ ] [2] 

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