What is the difference between industry research and market research?



June 14, 2024


Industry Research vs. Market Research:
A Detailed Comparison


Prompt: I want you to act as a market and industry researcher and provide a detailed comparison between industry and market research. Create a table displaying the key characteristics of each type of research side by side, highlighting their unique aspects and differences. Give full citations with links to the sources you use.



Industry Research

Market Research


Understanding the broader industry landscape, including its size, growth, trends, competitive forces, and key players.

Analyzing the specific market for a product or service, including its size, demographics, customer preferences, buying behavior, and competitive landscape.


To assess the overall attractiveness and potential profitability of an industry, identify opportunities and threats, and inform strategic decision-making.

To understand the target market, identify customer needs and wants, and develop effective marketing strategies to reach and engage potential customers.


Macro-level analysis of the industry as a whole.

Micro-level analysis of a specific market segment.

Key Questions

- How big is the industry? - Is the industry growing or declining? - Who are the major players in the industry? - What are the key trends shaping the industry? - What are the barriers to entry and exit?

- Who are the target customers? - What are their needs and wants? - How do they make purchasing decisions? - Who are the competitors in the market? - What are the current market trends?

Data Sources

- Industry reports and publications - Government statistics and data - Trade association data - Financial statements of companies in the industry - Expert interviews

- Surveys and questionnaires - Focus groups and interviews - Customer data and analytics - Social media listening - Competitive intelligence


- PESTLE analysis - Porter's Five Forces analysis - SWOT analysis - Competitor analysis - Industry benchmarking

- Market segmentation - Target market analysis - Customer journey mapping - Buyer persona development - Competitive analysis


- Industry reports and analysis - Market entry strategies - Competitive intelligence reports - Investment recommendations - Strategic planning documents

- Market research reports - Marketing plans - Product development strategies - Customer segmentation reports - Pricing strategies

Examples of Use

- A company evaluating whether to enter a new industry. - A private equity firm assessing the investment potential of an industry. - A consulting firm advising a client on industry trends.

- A company launching a new product. - A marketing agency developing a campaign for a new client. - A retailer deciding which products to stock.


Feel free to ask if you have any further questions or would like me to elaborate on specific aspects of industry and market research!


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