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Copilot Knowledge Card: Research Assistant 


  • Finding Answers: Copilot can swiftly locate information across various academic disciplines, providing quick responses to reference questions. 
  • Writing Explainers: it can generate clear and concise explainers on complex topics, aiding in understanding and teaching across different fields. 
  • Discover Sources: Copilot can help identify authoritative sources of information, facilitating efficient research in any area of study. 
  • Evaluating Credibility: It can assist in assessing the credibility of sources by providing insights into their reputation and reliability, regardless of the subject matter. 
  • Citation Assistance: Copilot can guide users in creating accurate citations for their research papers and publications, adhering to various citation styles. 
  • Fact-Checking: It can cross-verify facts against trusted databases and sources to ensure the accuracy of information in any academic context. 
  • Outlining: Copilot can help structure information by creating outlines for research papers, presentations, or studies in any discipline. 
  • Writing and Editing: It can aid in drafting and refining documents, reports, and correspondence with professional language and tone suitable for any field. 
  • Researching: Copilot can conduct in-depth research on specific topics, gathering detailed information and data across diverse subjects. 
  • Summarizing: It can produce succinct summaries of lengthy articles, reports, and papers, highlighting key points and findings in any area of study. 
  • Making Comparisons: Copilot can compare different theories, models, or trends, presenting a comparative analysis that spans multiple disciplines. 

    By integrating these capabilities, Copilot becomes a versatile tool that enhances the research and learning experience for librarians, students, and faculty alike. It streamlines the process of managing and disseminating knowledge, ensuring that users have access to high-quality, reliable information across all fields of study. 
  • Last Updated May 15, 2024
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  • Answered By Peter Z McKay

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